Why Visit Dudhwa National Park

12 Reasons to Visit Dudhwa National Park, INDIA

  1. The only site for Rhino. Rhino in natural posses and postures in open forest as in Assam.
  2. Glimpse the National Animal i.e. The Bengal Tiger in his kingdom——–It’s all on your luck to spot the Tiger.
  3. The only place where you can see all 5 species of Deer found in India.
  4. Maximum number of the state Animal Swamp-Deer (Barasingha). Hog deer and the hispid hare.
  5. Home to highly endangered and rare the Bengal Florican as well as more than 450 species of birds found in Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  6. The best quality of Saal (Name Of Tree) forest now existing in Uttar Pradesh, India. The indigenous graceful tree species growing up to 120 feet.

    Dudhwa-national-park-india - Entry Gate to Dudhwa tiger reserve

    Dudhwa National Park

  7. About 150sq. km. of elephant grassland.
  8. Network of 20 natural lakes supporting birds and other aquatic flora and fauna mainly Indian Otter, Gharial and Crocodile.
  9. More than 3000 Termite-Mounds in the Park.
  10. About 40 tribal villages giving glimpse of unique cultural heritage the Tharu Tribal Culture.
  11. Nepal – just only about 25 km. No passport required for the Indians. Another opportunity to get Introduction to real Nepal culture after enjoying tiger and elephant safari in Dudhwa National Park.
  12. Highly diverse flora and fauna of threatened Terai Ecosystem quite different to foothill located Corbett Tiger Reserve.

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We think above are the best reason to visit Dudhwa National Park. If you are planning to visit Dudhwa please go here and check out Dudhwa tour packages.


  1. Amit says:

    Wow!! Dudhwa national park in UP, i never heared it before.. these are the best reason to visit dudhwa. dudhwa.co.in thanks to share with us…

    1. dudhwacoin says:

      oh yes Amit you right here, its a news one in front of you and the people like you, but its about more then 100 yrs old national park…

  2. Anita Sharma says:

    Thanks for giving reason to me to go Dudhwa National Park

    1. Dudhwa says:

      oh! Really Thanks Anita, Hope you will enjoy the trip with jeep safari, because safari play the most important role to visit jungle and spot tiger and other wildlife animals

  3. Doocgill says:

    It’s is one of my earliest childhood memory to visit dudua park n then also visit dhangarr Nepal. Those were golden days.

  4. Docgill says:

    Any pics of 80s in dudwa? Miss it