Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary - Birds and animal species in Kishanpur

Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Mailani in Uttar Pradesh. The Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary covers over the wide area of 227 km2 with the beautiful forest filled with flora and funa. Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in 4 hours drive from Lucknow and Bhira town, Lakhimpur Kheri District is also located in 13 KM. The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is spread in the wide area of the terai forest inspiring many people around the world extensively.

Many number of people likes to visit this most astounding sanctuary, as there are many different types of animals seen here. Some of the animals are Tiger, Leopard, Swamp deer, Hog deer, Barking deer, Bengal florican, Lesser florican and many more. Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is most preferred spot in the country for getting good entertainment viewing all the animals and plants extensively without any trouble. Huge number of birds is visiting here from other places every year.

Sighting of Beautiful Tiger And Deer Species:

Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is filled with many numbers of mammals along with rich beautiful lands. There are also many different distinctive features with the variety of hoofed animals. Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary has wide number of Sambar Indian deer that measures with the 150 cm and has beautiful disheveled brown coat. Sambar has 6 pointed antlers that inspires most of the visitors for its beauty. The Sanctuary is also filled with the Barking deer that has the glossy chestnut coat giving the beautiful attraction.

These deer comes out to the open and grazes in small family groups. People from all over the world are visiting the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary along with their family and friends as it give the best class entertainment and fun. Visitors frequently spot the herds barasingha, chital and many more. You can book Kishanpur jeep safari for getting the view of wildlife animals and forest of Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

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  1. Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary sounds like a fantastic place to visit. 🙂

    1. Dudhwa says:

      Yes famous for tiger sighting.