Choose The Best Tour Package To Explore Dudhwa National Park

The Dudhwa National Park is located in Uttar Pradesh which will enable you to spend your time during your vacation season. With the wildlife protection, it has a wide range of wild animals in the park and consists of wide range of birds species and mammals to present inside the park. However, the region of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is now popularly known as National Park.

birds in dudhwa national park - bird photography tour india

Egyptian Vulture

During 1977 and acquired the project tiger during 1988. It is also covered with areas of Kheri and Lakhimpur district to cover any regional park to consist of variety of animals and birds to sustain with simple manner. However, this has to consider with best and most endangered ecosystems which will come across the world.

Frog Temple in Lakhimpur, Kheri and Lakhimpur

Frog Temple in Lakhimpur

Also, the park is laying nearby the Indo-Nepal border having together the two most sanctuaries of the region called Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary to view and visit without any ease.

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However, this has come with natural beauty Of flora and fauna and the forest area across the Terai region to view forever.

Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary and jeep safari tour packages

Insight Of Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Also, it covering a huge land area of 811 square kilometer inspiring the nature lovers to view plenty of enthusiast with nature landscape to view without any ease. Moreover, the tiger reserve is very useful and attractive places where it will come with extraordinary Saal Tress to specify the attraction of the forest area. Therefore, this Park is also considered as virtual undiscovered heaven for bird watchers and gets plenty of attractive birds in one place forever. So, you can visit this Dudhwa National Park with your family and spend your time with them.


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