Pilibhit Tiger Reserves Welcome 15 Newborns To Its Home

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is situated in Pilibhit District Bahraich district and Lakhimpur Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh State in India. It is situated along the India Nepal Border, especially in the Himalayan Foothills and the plains of Terai in Uttar Pradesh. This is one of the 41 project Tiger Rrves in Indiaese.

Being one of the forested districts in UP, Pilibhit has more than 800 Km2 forests that constitute around 23% of total area of the district. It is expected that there will be around 36 tigers and prey base for their existence in the forest. Currently, this tiger reserve is celebrating the happy coming of 15 tiger cubs since the month of April. Eight tiger cubs were recorded in the camera whereas others have been spotted by the forest personnel in various ranges. It is also estimated that there will be at least 13 cubs which could be less than one year old.

Pilibhit has installed around 200 sensor cameras since April across 720 sq.km of reserve to facilitate in surveying tiger census. The sensor cameras have the ability of clicking every moment within the operation range.  These cameras have recorded movements of a number of new born tiger cubs. There are some cubs which are too little to be snapped by the camera fixed at a certain height and they were spotted by the forest officers.

In addition to installing sensor cameras, several impression pads are also placed at the sites closer to the water bodies and also in the forest patches where there is a copious population of herbivores. Till now, the forest officers have revealed out that there are 28 tigers in the Pilibhit reserve. The officers have also ensured that the newborns are very safe and it their responsibility to protect them. In order to reduce the conflict, around 80% of the reserve area is marked as the core area.