Butterflies Of Dudhwa - Must Know Fact About Butterflies

Butterflies have always been subject of interest and are probably the next to bird in their universal popularity. This is a partly an characteristic to the great variety and splendor of their colour of patterns and partly to their dramatic transformation during their life cycle and interesting phenomena of mimicry to camouflage then and migration.

A Butterfly and moth, both winged insects belong to the phylum Arthropoda, class-insecta and order-Lepidoptera. Broadly the difference between these two groups is Butterfly fly by day while months are active after sunset. However there are exceptions. There are about 1163 species of butterflies in India. Dudhwa National Park Has 37 species of them.

Butterflies Of Dudhwa  - Must Know Fact About Butterflies

Butterflies Of Dudhwa  - Must Know Fact About Butterflies

Butterflies Of Dudhwa  - Must Know Fact About Butterflies

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Interesting Fact: You must know these below interesting fact about Butterflies.

  • Butterflies are chief pollinators of the flowers on which they feed upon including some of our food crops.
  • The powdery substance on the wings of Butterflies is actually their tiny scales which are arranged life roof tiles.
  • Some Butterflies are poisonous; therefore they are not predated upon.
  • Besides nectar Butterflies also feed upon overripe fruits and decaying organic matter.
  • Butterflies drink contaminated water, sweat, urine and excreta in damp patches to replenish their salt requirement.
  • A Butterflies need to warm its body in sun (basking) before being able to take on a flight in morning.
  • Some Butterflies migrate to better feeding and breeding places but unlike birds, return journey is made only by the offspring.

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