Lion safari in etawah - Etawah Wildlife Safari Park In Uttar Pradesh

Etawah wildlife safari park is one of the most anticipated Safari park located in the Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Government has taken many steps for improving the park appearances and increased the wildlife with many different animals. Etawah wildlife safari park has many different enclosure and set in the complete safe manner. The park is made with Rs 40 crore in wide 150 hectares and is designed with the inspiration as Longleat Safari Park, England. Most of the people are inspired with the enclosure and quite easier for increasing the better option to get the appropriate entertainment. Visiting all kinds of wild animals with many different enclosures of Lions will be more entertaining so that it will be easier to have much entertainment and research.

Lion safari in etawah - Etawah Wildlife Safari Park In Uttar Pradesh

Akhilesh Yadav CM Of UP Holds the Mulayam’s pet project has now lost all cubs born here .

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Different Enclosures:

The Park is also likely to expand the area of Lion safari so that it will be convenient with the transportation facilities. Lion Safari is dedicated for the Public on or before the Lok Sabha elections. The exact date of opening of Etawah wildlife safari park has not been announced.

The lion safari project is also enabled with the lion breeding center and the park is built with the bigger dimension so that the effective way for the people to get attractive. Boosting Eco tourism, more number of animals will be added in the safari park so that it will be more convenient for increasing the better idea and research about the animals easily. There is also 350 years old Shiva temple located near the Park for tourist attraction.