Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary attracts most of the people across the world. Many number of people like to visit this most beautiful place filled with the wildlife, birds and forest so that it would be useful for getting best entertainment watching them. Dudhwa National Park has 811 sq km located in the areas of Lakhimpur and Kheri district Uttar Pradesh. The natural scenery of the place gives an extensive way for the tourist to enjoy widely along with their family and friends in the best manner.

Dudhwa is also home for more than 38 species of mammals, many species of birds and more than 16 species of reptiles. More than 450 species of birds could be seen in this national park. Many Hotels In Dudhwa are available for the finest accommodation so that it would be the finest option for availing the best class option.

Luxury Amenities

Getting the luxurious stay in Dudhwa is possible so that it would be an excellent option for the tourist with the wonderful stay. The hotel is also located near to the Dudhwa National Park which will be convenient for reaching in the easier manner. Hotel Near Dudhwa attracts the tourist giving the first class options for luxurious stay and you can book the hotels and packages in the website.

Wide accommodation options filled with luxury amenities and beneficiary services are available suitable for you and your family. Find the best class suits that you need for your accommodation in the beautiful hotel filled with modern amenities. It will be convenient to get amenities like 24h Check in, Room Service, Restaurant, Bar, Internet, Cafe and many more. You can also choose the accommodation based on the budget so it would save you more money. It is assured that you will get the entertaining stay in the accommodation.


  1. Those birds are amazing. I take it some kind of stork or cranes?