Know Your Elephant of Dudhwa - dudhwa national park wildlife animals

Every year herds of Elephants come to Dudhwa during summer and monsoon months. They come from Suklaphanta wildlife sanctuary in Nepal and move up to Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. so you must Know Your Elephant of Dudhwa National Park?

Elephant In Dudhwa National Park

Elephant In Dudhwa National Park

In Dudhwa National Park, Elephants play the following role in the park:

  1. Elephants modify the habitat by eating coarse tall grasses which helps other herbivores.

  2. Elephants act as seed disperses by their fecal matter. It is offer to carried below ground by dung beetles and termites causing the soil to become more porous and further distributing the nutrients.

  3. Their paths act as firebreaks and rain water conducts

  4. Elephants moving through the high grass provide food for birds by disturbing small insects, reptiles and amphibians.