barasingha @ kishanpur wildlife sanctuary near dudhwa national park

Most of the people like to travel to the forest destination as it is completed with fun and excitement. Dudhwa National Park is considered as the best class travel destination where your family and friends would enjoy ultimately. Dudhwa National Park is filled with different forest, wildlife, grassland and many more.

Dudhwa Jeep Safari is also arranged for the people who wants to enchant the wildlife, plants and animals. It is prominent to explore all flora and fauna in wildlife sanctuaries in much secured manner. Jeep safari is considered as most popular wildlife tour in the country as it is convenient to reach all the remote and farthest places of jungle. The Dudhwa Jeep Safari also helps you the people to get more adventure and explore the park in the faster pace. Exploring the wilderness with the experts will be convenient and safer so that it will be useful to have more entertainment. Dudhwa safari will take 6 persons on board with the trained driver.

Tea Time outside of Dudhwa Jaagir Lodge

dudhwa wilderness camp 2

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve:

The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve has the huge cover area of 811 square kilometer that inspires most of the wildlife enthusiast and for nature lovers in the dense forest. There is a wide presence of majestic Tigers, Deer and many other animals that inspires most of the people in the extensive manner. With the Dudhwa Jeep Safari you can go for the best sight zone in this park.


barasingha @ kishanpur wildlife sanctuary near dudhwa national park

barasingha @ kishanpur wildlife sanctuary near dudhwa national park


crocodile at Katerniaghat Sanctuary

Tortoise at Katerniaghat Sanctuary


sarus in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Sarus in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is the land of park that is comprised with the diverse alluvial plain in the streams of beautiful Suheli and Mohana which is scattered in pools, lakes and rivulets. The sanctuary is present in the midst of the beautiful forest filled with astounding animals and birds. The Katerniaghat as well as Kishanpur wildlife sanctuaries are also present in the region of Terai with the greenery and forest area. It is easier to book the hotels near the Dudhwa region for the comfortable stay.

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    1. Dudhwa says:

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