Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are willing to explore the delight of watching the habitat of wildlife, then there is no other better destination than Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is better known for magnificent wildlife, picturesque landscape and majestic animals that describe the significance of Katerniaghat wildlife sanctuary.

This sanctuary remains as a natural hub of several species of wildlife, which is situated in the Indo-Nepal border of Behraich in the state of Uttar Pradesh, sprawling across the 550 square kilometer dense of Terai jungle. The tera jungle area consists of teak and Sal forest, wetlands, lush green grasslands and swamps that are full of life. There is also a river in the mid of the sanctuary that forms a notable part of this wildlife supporting the remains of the Gharial populations silently.

Significant features of Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary forms an essential corridor of connectivity that joins Bardia National park in Nepal and Dudhwa Tiger reserve in India. It also comprises of the forest covering the regions of Kakraha, Motipur, Nishangarah, Murthia, Katerniaghat and Dharmapur.


Dudhwa Tiger, walking alone

Sighting in Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary


Hey There !! I am here come and spot me

Hey There !! I am here come and spot me


Yes!! I am here - Royal Bengal Tiger

Yes!! I am here – Royal Bengal Tiger

Being the division of the famous Dudhwa tiger reserve, this wildlife sanctuary includes sal forest as its major part with tremendous grasslands. In addition, it also has a riparian ecology of Girwa and kaudiyala streams of Ghaghra River. The sanctuary includes various habitats which are highly rich in biodiversity. The wonderful location also comprises of rare species of mammals, plants and avifauna.

The complete area of this sanctuary encompasses alluring climatic variations like extreme heat and cold. When it comes to winter nights, the region is extremely cold and foggy. Apart from this, there is also a regular and heavy dews fall experienced by this region. During the season, the wildlife vegetation is humid for many days. The climatic condition of this exquisite sanctuary is really admirable and attractive.


  1. Imesh says:

    Katerniaghat is my best destination, because it’s near to my home. Lovely article Dudhwa

    1. Dudhwa says:

      Yes its really a well natural park of india.

  2. Uday Patel says:

    Great Article on Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. It is heartening to note that significant corridors still exists in heavily populated State of Uttar Pradesh.

    1. Dudhwa says:

      Thanks Uday for stopping me here… stay and get the latest updates!

  3. I agree with Uday Patel. Great to see that wildlife still have a place to be. 🙂