Flora and Fauna In Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National park is one of the top National park in India filled with more number of endangered species of wildlife and birds. The Dudhwa National park is the best place for researching about all the Flora and fauna in the forest. Discover all kinds of wildlife activity in the forest with the advanced safari packages.

The Dudhwa National park is filled with the dense forests, mosaic grasslands, muddy marshes, wildlife, birds and many more facilities. Dudhwa National Park has increased wildlife population and has the top tiger reserve since 1879 year with the region of popular National Park. Since 1988 Project Tiger established and successfully maintained by the government. Dudhwa National park is located in the Uttar Pradesh that covers the Kheri and Lakhimpur districts. It also comes in the region of Himalayan area, Terai belt and most acknowledged with the endangered ecosystems.

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Tour Packages

Most of the tourist across the country and world likes to pay a visit to visit the most beautiful national park and getting a good entertainment. Dudhwa, Wildlife Tour India is most preferred tour package to get a closer look of all the animals in the forest. The Guides taking the safari will be taking extreme care of the people visiting here so that it will be more entertaining with the safe kind of entertainment.

Hey There !! I am here come and spot me, Tiger in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctury

Tiger in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctury

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You will be experiencing the wider beautiful greenery as well as forest area of Indo-Nepal boundary. The Katerniaghat and Kishanpur wildlife sanctuaries are also embodied in this most beautiful forest area. Every moment that you are spending in this national park will be more glorious and it is time or you to discover all areas in the forest. The Dudhwa, Wildlife Tour India tour packages and visiting to dudhwa and dudhwa jeep safari timings are included in the website so you can easily book your package for visiting here.

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You can take a closer look of these below when going to Dudhwa National Park, these are the part of the Terai Tiger Circuit region of Uttar Pradesh

Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary


  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Makes me want to tour the park and get a glimpse of the flaura and fauna there. Alas, i am out of India 🙁
    Hope i can make it there some day 🙂

  2. Dudhwa says:

    So sure Alok, you must be there…

  3. I agree with Alok Singhal, this really makes you want to tour the park. 🙂