Dudhwa National Park - Entry Gate to Dudhwa

Lakhimpur Kheri (UP), Nov 15 (PTI) The acclaimed Dudhwa National Park today opened for nature partners and untamed life fans in new traveler season with all its wonderfulness and regular environment.

“All arrangements for the new visitor season are finished with key concentrate on accommodation of travelers and their security,” Deputy Director.

“CCTV cameras are being introduced in the whole vacationer complex at Dudhwa to screen exercises. Other than this, endeavors to give wifi availability to the voyagers at Dudhwa visitor complex are in conclusive stage,” he said.

Crossing in a region of 884 sq kilometers, DNP houses various wild creatures, flying creatures, reptiles including its leader species like regal Bengal tigers, swamp-deer, and Bengal florican fowl. About 51 tigers in Kishanpur and 30 in Dudhwa were identified amid the last camera trap in 2015.

The solitary Rhino recovery range of the state containing almost three dozen uni-horned rhinos exists here, interesting the travelers and untamed life significant others.

Rich vegetation, therapeutic plants and Tharu populace here have involved research and study for the specialists.

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  1. DCKhare says:

    I wish to visit in Dudhwa National park during 3rd to 10th of Dec 2016 also wish to stay inside the park.

  2. Faiz says:

    Love it, its one of the best of my life, saw tiger on my first game drive…

  3. Barbara says:

    What an amazing place, I’m very envious of all the people who will visit. Thank you for calling in to my blog, it was very kind of you.