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Dudhwa National Park is the top national park located in Terai of Uttar Pradesh and the park covers a wide area of 490.3 km2. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is also famous in the national park as the beautiful tigers attract many people from all over the world to visit here. Dudhwa National Park represents the highly diverse with the Terai ecosystem that supports a lot endangered species. The wet grasslands will inspire you with the most amazing nature sceneries. Confirm Jeep Safari booking will be the best option as it will be easier for you to visit all areas in the forest. Unlock the mystery of the forest in the most beautiful Dudhwa National Park with viewing all kinds of animals and plants. The National Park is wide spread with the 811 sq km filled with the beautiful wildlife animals so that it will be easier to research about the animals and plants. The Jeep Safari guides will be taking you to majority of places in the forest and you will enjoy every moment here.

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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve has the marvelous place to visit all kinds of tigers with the enormous lakes, rivulets and pools making the place more attractive. There are many different types of animals such as Tiger, Elephant, Sambar, Blue bull, Sloth bear, Rhinoceros, Swamp deer, Cheetah, Hog deer and many more are available. The Online Safari Booking will be the best chance for booking the safari and accommodation in the hassle free manner so that it will be quite useful to get a peaceful stay here. Dudhwa National Park is the virtual undiscovered heaven for the wildlife enthusiast’s, bird watchers as well as natural lovers. It is very easy to get all kinds of safari in the national park and it is necessary to view the terms and conditions before booking.