Dudhwa Tour Packages - tiger sighting in dudhwa

Dudhwa National Park is one of the most popular reserved parks in India. It is located in the barren lands of Terai region in Uttar Pradesh. This park extends to around the area of 500 sq. km with 200 sq. km of buffer area. Though this park was established in the year 1958, it was regarded as a national sanctuary only in the year 1977. If you are interested to explore this wonderful wildlife destination, then you must choose the right Dudhwa Tour Packages offered by a reputed tour operator i.e. approved by Ministry of Tourism, India. During your trip to Dudhwa you can explore rare wildlife species including flora, fauna and avian fauna. Sal trees that you find here are more than 150 meters long.

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In addition, you can enjoy seeing fauna in the midst of dense forest during your Dudhwa tour. This national park is the best destination for wildlife enthusiasts as they can enjoy seeing tiger, jackal, swamp deer, Nilgai and many more. This specific marsh land has more than 400 species of birds including migrating species. You can see black and white necked storks, saras, bee eaters, wood peckers, kingfishers and other varieties of pelicans and cranes. You will definitely be impressed on exploring these wildlife species during your Dudhwa Tour.

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One of the most interesting things that you can enjoy during this tour is Tiger Sighting. With tiger safari, you will be taken even to restricted parts of the national park where you can explore a huge number of birds and animals. You will definitely cherish with the experience that you get out of tiger sighting at Dudhwa National park. To visit deep inside the forest, you must have jeeps and mini buses as the forest department does not offer this facility to the guests. Of course, by opting for the right tour package from a reliable tour operator, you can explore every nook and corner of the part completely.

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