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In this hectic world, all sorts of people want to spend their leisure time in a great location. In order to meet your needs, the Dudhwa National park comes with lots of entertainment and enjoyment options. It is one of the most popular national parks which boast with lots of tourist attractions, jeep safari facilities […]

Dudhwa National Park is one of the famous and protected tiger reserves,  which include lots of amazing animal and bird species. For this reason, most of the people want to visit this excellent destination again and again. The amazing national park in India is the land of excellent diversity with its extensive diversity of fauna […]

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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve or Dudhwa National Park is present in the district of Lakhimpur & Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. The Dudhwa National Park is in the adjacent to the borders of Indo-Nepal providing the most incredible sanctuaries. Kishanpur and Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuaries represent many natural forest with the greenery in the regions of Terai. Dudhwa […]

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Overview of Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa: If you have planned to explore the beauty and amazing wildlife species of Dudhwa National Park, but you are confused with finding the best accommodation in dudhwa for your stay during your trip, then you are not left alone.

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Visiting the Dudhwa National Park is the wonderful choice for this vacation and you will get more entertainment with seeing morel number of wild animals. The Dudhwa National Park is neatly maintained with many facilities convenient for the people to enjoy and it will be the right place for you to get the best successful […]

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The Dudhwa National Park is located in the Kheria district of Uttar Pradesh, which is very close to Indo-Nepal border. Dudhwa wildlife sanctuary was set up initially with a view to safeguarding the swamp deer, whereas leopard, tiger and rhino were later introduced.