Dudhwa National Park

Location: India-Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh, India
Wildlife Attractions: Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Rhino,  Sambar Deer, Swamp Deer, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Sloth Beer & 450+ Birds Species
Nearest Access: Dudhwa is the nearest Rail-head while Shahjahanpur is about 100 Kms
Total Area: 490 Sq. km.
Best Time to Visit: November to June

The post-independence period evidenced remarkable encroachment towards the jungle of Dudhwa National Park. Consequently, the forest was transformed in an agricultural terrain.

Dudhwa National Park - Tiger Sighting & Bird Photography Tour

Dudhwa River Side

Furthermore, because of its location in the areas covering the border of India and Nepal. The probabilities of hunting and poaching improved to a larger extent. There has also been a notable improvement in the trade of wild animals to a great extent wherein the products have been sold in Nepal and being a tourist spot. Hunters and poachers gained a huge market. Poachers found this park to be a suitable money making place, but as a result of a single handed efforts of Billy Arjan Singh, a popular conservationist. the park has been converted as a wildlife sanctuary during 1965.

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Billy Arjan Singh

Billy Arjan Singh

Several wildlife lovers and wildlife conservationists throughout the world gave their appraisal for this effort of converting the forest as wildlife sanctuary. In the year 1977, Billy Arjan Singh had approached Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India during that period to get approval of declaring the forest as National park. In the time between 1984 and 1985. The 7 rhinos were displaced from Nepal and Assam to Dudhwa National Park for the rehabilitation of rhino population that lived here some 150 years ago. Later four years, it was announced as a tiger reserve for the project Tiger and at present it remains as a main habitat for Tigers in India.

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Muhammad Naseem (Expert Guide in Dudhwa National Park). He diverse wildlife encompassed by this National park include tiger, Rhinoceros, Swamp deer, Sambar deer, Hog deer, Spotted deer, Barking deer, Elephant, Wild boar, Python, Turtles, Otter, Blue bull, Gharial, Monitor Lizard, etc. Out of the total 1300 birds habituated in the Indian subcontinent, about 450 species of them can be seen in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Access From Airport

Lucknow is the most convenient airport. Indian Airlines operates a number of flights to Lucknow from major cities across the country. The timings of flights from Delhi are 9:30 (except Tuesday), 10:00 (Tuesday), 16:05 (throughout the week) and 17:30 (Wed, Fri, Sun). Air Sahara flies from Mumbai to Lucknow at 19:30. Outside India, Nepal at 35 km’s is the nearest airport.

Access From Railways

The Indian Railway which is passing through dudhwa national parkThe Indian Railway which is passing through dudhwa national park

The Indian Railway Line which is passing through Dudhwa National Park

The nearest railheads are Dudhwa (4 kms), Palia (10 kms) and Mailani (37 kms). However the most convenient way would be to travel to Lucknow (conveniently connected to most of the Indian cities) and hit the road or take a train to any of the nearer stations from there. Some of the important daily trains from Delhi to Lucknow are Kaifiyat Exp. (19:25), Lucknow Mail (22:00), Shramjeni N Exp. (13:15), Vaishali Exp. (19:50), Gorakdam Exp. (20:15), Sapt Kranti Exp. (16:45) and Bihar S Kranti (14:40). Other daily Mumbai-Lucknow trains are Kushinagar Exp. (22:55) and Pushpak Exp. (8:20).

Access From Roadways

The State Roadways buses and private bus services link Palia to Lakhimpur Kheri, Shahjahanpur, Barely and Delhi. Buses are frequent between Palia and Dudhwa. The most convenient way to travel to the park. iff you are coming in from India, then come the best way from Lucknow. Either by Air or by Rail and take a bus or train to Dudhwa National Park. Which is just 4 km from the entry gate of the Dudhwa park. For foreign tourists looking to start their journey of India from Dudhwa, it is advisable to travel to the Nepal airport and take one of the number of transport means available from there. To travel by road from Delhi, take the NH24 to Shahjahan pur via Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Rampur and Barely. A district road from here will take you to Dudhwa via Pawayan, Kutar, Mailani, Bhira and Palia.