Dudhwa National Park

From dense forests and mosaic grasslands to muddy marshes, the topography of Dudhwa National Park, is as varied as the wildlife population it has

India’s National Bird

From dense forests and mosaic grasslands to muddy marshes, the topography of Dudhwa National Park, is as varied as the wildlife population it has. Being a tiger reserve since the year 1879, the region of Dudhwa became a popular National Park during 1977 and acquired the project Tiger during 1988. Dudhwa National park is situated in Uttar Pradesh, covering the areas of Kheri and Lakhimpur districts. This region comes under the sub Himalayan area called as Terai belt. This Terai region is acknowledged as the most endangered ecosystems throughout the world. The park is also lying nearby the Indo-Nepal boundary having together the two most enchanting sanctuaries of the region called, Katerniaghat and Kishanpur wildlife sanctuaries to embody the beautiful greenery and forest area across the Terai region.

Covering a huge land area of 811 square kilometer inspiring the nature enthusiasts with grasslands, dense forests and marshes, this park is actually known for magnificent counts of the presence of tiger and swamp deer species. The land of the park is comprised of a diverse alluvial plain beside the streams of Suheli and Mohana, scattered with enormous lakes, pools and rivulets. The affluent and completely fertile plains of Indo-Ganges support a marvelous development of the forests assortment of fauna. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve also has some of the best forest area of Saal trees in the globe, in the midst of other flora. This park is a virtual undiscovered heaven for bird watchers, wildlife enthusiast’s and natural lovers.

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Here you can check the Birds Checklist of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Moreover, there are fourteen (14) Tharu huts in Dudhwa. Whereas four huts in Sathiana and a dormitory in Dudhwa. You can also book government property; the best of Dudhwa Forest Rest House if you are looking accommodation near around the park.

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Muhammad Naseem (The enthusiastic Birding specialist at Dudhwa National Park)

I arrived to Dudhwa in the time 1976. I was effectively allocated the conscientiousness of captivating the tourists or bird lovers for wonderful sight-seeing process. During those time period, Dudhwa was really admired with numerous bird watching teams from amazing country, Read More>>

Best Time to Visit Dudhwa National Park

It’s the important thing to know the park is open or not when you are going to safari and sightseeing in Dudhwa.  So the best time to visit Dudhwa National Park is stuck between Nov. to May on an every calendar year. The Dudhwa Park remains open to the public on or after 15th November to 15th June on an every calendar year, though the months of May and June are a slightly too hot for ease. While visiting to Dudhwa National Park throughout winter you must remember to have some goods woolen clothes as these are very peaceful to you when you are in the park, mostly stuck between Decembers to Feb.


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Do’s & Don’ts in Dudhwa National Park

  • Obtain the required permit to move inside the reserve and follow all rules.
  • Go to the Dudhwa only when you have a confirmed booking of an accommodation.
  • Drive slowly inside the park, It will help you in better sightseeing of the wildlife and also does not disturb or endanger wildlife animals
  • Keep to the trails as not doing it not only endangers wildlife but also puts you in danger.
  • Take the pleasure of viewing wildlife, but do not invite the danger by being adventurous.
  • Capture form a camera, but never carry a gun inside the reserve.
  • Do not listen music inside the reserve instead hear the music of nature.
  • Do not smoke inside the forest Accidental fires can destroy a beautiful jungle to ashes.
  • The reserve is not a Zoo, do not expect to see wildlife everywhere.
  • Do not make your visit Tiger-centric, See the other wonders of nature and enjoy.

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